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Yup, I'm still on dA. I know it's hard to tell since I haven't posted anything in, well, over a month.

Most of that was related to my depression (see the author comment under this… not inclined to get into it all again on dA), but also I just find deviantArt very overwhelming lately. Gone are the days of no comments, ever.... ._.; Now whenever I post something, there is at least one comment on each one - and since my daily strips are, well, daily...that's a lot of comments!!

I get tired of spending so much time responding, to be honest. I'd rather be doing other things - like more drawing, writing, or applying for jobs! Don't get me wrong; I love getting comments! I enjoy reading them a lot! I just don't have time/energy/will anymore to comment on every single one. So for now I'm considering disabling comments on the dailies so I can still reply at least to comments on my OTHER work, OR leaving comments open on all, but enforcing a new policy of only replying to answer questions or particular comments I feel should be responded to (at my discretion).

So before I start posting up all that you may not have seen if you don't follow me anywhere else, I'd like to know if anyone has a preference for which way regarding comments I go. (Also, should I post it all in one big batch, or spread out over time?)

If you've been missing my art in the meantime, don't forget you can always see it on my tumblr (, daily website (, or WP's website (

That's all for now. *tumbles away*
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Naoru Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
Well, I really like commenting on stuff (although I don't comment much on your dailys as I tend to just laugh at them, and it seems pointless to just type lol every time XD ) but I don't mind if ppl don't reply to my comments, especially when they have established that they don't have time to reply to everything :) I think just writing a journal showing your appreciation every now and then and saying you can't answer stuff all the time is good enough ^^
DelusionInABox Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2013
Yeah...I hope most people don't mind >_>;; Some post a comment on EVERY daily and that was getting reaaaaally tedious to reply to them AND try to also reply to new commenters too! @_@

and eventually I'll start posting stuff again on here...eventually. xD;;;; WOOPS I feel like it'd be an entire day project o-o;
Astidamia Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
I read the comment you posted on your website and I must say, you're one of the most amazing person I know :hug:

I have been away for a long time too and even if I don't like to admit it, it was mostly due to anxious depression.

It's always a combination of factors: my mom has been ill for the past 6 years and I toke active care of her for 2 years, almost abandoning college; right now she underwent an operation that, thank God, went really well and now is recovering; I'm often alone at home; my friends already finished college and even if they cannot find a job, they at least ended something; my hormonal problems returned and with them the growth you usually experience during teenage years: it's really really painful.

I'm worried I'm not adequate and intelligent and I'll never finish college disappointing everyone; I don't won't to renounce to my project to study at Imperial College, but I'm not sure anymore I can do it.

But the thougth of not wanting to give up like I always ended up doing and the thought of disappointing my wonderful supportive parents has kept me here: I still have many problems, panic attacks and nervous crisis....but I'll keep going on.

Like you said, just because NOW hurts like hell doesn't mean it has to last forever and I don't want all the sacrifices and efforts I have made since this moment to be wasted simply because my nervous system has decided to be a bitch!

Now I know many of my problems were caused by my nervous system and that giving up hoping to get better it's not a solution: you get worst because you feel like a coward that runs away, even when you think it's because you're ill.

So I decided last week to take action: I'm drinking some herbal teas to keeps my nerves at bay, I'm practicing autogenic training and today I started to swim again.

Like you, I don't know where this all will bring me nor how my story will end....but if I don't even try, it's for sure I'll never know and one day I'll regreat it :)

Good luck my friend, I'm sure we'll manage to conquer our fears with time and efforts. :hug:
DelusionInABox Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2013
Thank you! :heart: I wish the best for you as well~ :hug: You know I believe in you!! ;D

Life, anxiety, self-doubt...all those things can be a real pain in the behind sometimes...can drive you mad. @_@ But definitely must persevere. If nothing else, prove your own doubts wrong! Prove you can do all the things you want to do! (ha, I say this, but I know I'll still keep having those moments where I'm like, "I DUNNO, that doubting self sure does make some valid points..." ^^;)

Well, progress might feel slow, but we gotta keep trekking!! :w00t: Let's make the stories of our lives ones to be proud of. :)
Astidamia Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
You're most welcome!! :heart: Aww, thanks so much! :hug:
I believe in you and your art and I'm sure you'll be able to have the artistic career you want if you keep trying.

I'm feeling a little bit better, I started to swim again both to help my growing body and to recharge from stress; I'm drinking some herbal teas and valerian that help me deal with anxiety and will be a long way, but I'm sure if I manage to keep the rhytm and to do things as a matter of principle (without tyring after a few days and saying "no, too much effort, I simply want to study, I give up the rest!") I'll be able to set up a good routine and finish my studies.
Of course you're right: there will be better and worst days and there will be moments of dubt and feelings of defeat...things are always much simplier being said than done, but I'm sure that if we rise again and brush ourselves off when we fall,withouth thinking it's all our fault, we'll manage to conquer our goal, one step at time :w00t:

If by trekking you mean watching Star Trek, I agree :rofl: Sorry, I couldn't resist :giggle:

But yeah, whatever happens, many years from now I want to be able to be proud of the choiches and efforts I made and to feel comfortable with the life I'll have :)
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